Benefits of indoor plants

Over the last 20 years much research has been done, and shown, that indoor plants not only beautify indoor spaces, they also make them a healthier and more productive place to work in.

In today’s workplace your staff are constantly surrounded by emissions of pollutants from office equipment, furniture and building surfaces.  These pollutants are internationally recognized as having a negative effect on the human body.

‘Sick Building’ Syndrome is a condition where a person experiences acute health and comfort effects that are linked to the time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified.

Research has shown that there is a solution – the ordinary, everyday houseplant.

Plants recycle oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide and therefore breakdown pollutants.  Certain plants can break down up to 90% of pollutants in an enclosed area in just 24 hours! As well as this they can improve humidity inside a room by up to 20%.

Plants in the workplace

A Dutch study has shown that there is a positive link between plants placed in an office and
productivity, they also seem to have a positive effect on worker’s creativity and ability to concentrate. Plants are effective noise absorbers, which is why decorating an office with plants makes an excellent investment from an economic point of view.

Relaxed staff means

  • improved productivity
  • reduced stress
  • reduced blood pressure
  • reduction in anxiety related illnesses

At Capital Indoor Plant Hire we are totally committed to helping people to feel better through the use of greenery.

Read more about the benefits of indoor plants at Healthy Plants in the workplace and Plants for People.

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